It's Just Another Macro Monday-Week 22/26

Come take a walk with me through the websites of four photographers who are sharing their love of macro photography every other Monday throughout the year.  We shoot what we love, what makes us happy,  to hone our skills,  to stretch our minds and our imaginations, and because it's who we are! 

This week's post if from my favorite place to shoot macro. 

I spent the afternoon there last week with another group of friends who keep me inspired,
push me to further my knowledge base, and enjoy my hobby as much as I do!

I'm looking forward to my next visit already. Their Christmas display is amazing. If you get a chance, if you live within driving distance, you should go, at least once in your lifetime, but I can almost guarantee that you'll want to back!

Here are a few of my favorite. 


To continue around the circle and see what the rest of my friends found to share this week,