It's Just Another Macro Monday! 23/26

Come take a walk with me through the websites of four photographers who are sharing their love of macro photography every other Monday throughout the year.  We shoot what we love, what makes us happy,  to hone our skills,  to stretch our minds and our imaginations, and because it's who we are! 

This week's images come from a Macro Study I'm doing on my favorite photography forum.

One of my many favorite photographers is sharing his love of macro photography and the how-to's with a small group of us. 
This week's challenge was to use a different lighting source than you normally off-camera flash, a reflector, a flashlight...whatever you could find.
Since I have an off-camera flash, but little experience with it, I decided to try that.  
These two pictures couldn't be more different in color and tone, but 
I like them anyway.

To see what the other three photographers, particpating in the challenge, posted this week
and click the link in each post until you end up back here.
The circle will, then, be complete.