It's just another Macro Monday!

Come take a walk with me through the websites of four photographers who are sharing their love of macro photography every other Monday throughout the year.  We shoot what we love, what makes us happy,  to hone our skills,  to stretch our minds and our imaginations, and because it's who we are! 

While outside last weekend I found a few critters to keep my company.  I was weeding and replanting some flowers that had reseeded themselves in places I didn't want them to grow!  There was also the yearly task of removing the leaves and debris from the river rock that surrounds our house.  Many of these critters made their home in the moist, muddy environment.  

I just loved this baby worm!  

We are halfway through our challenge for this year.  To see what the other talented ladies found, 
and from there you can check out Denean and Faye's images!