Baby "C" and his Baptism

I had the privilege of witnessing this little guy's baptism a couple of week's ago. It was a wonderful day, filled with family, friends, and a supportive church community. 

He'll be a blessed child of God!

Don't you just love how his little fingers are already folded? 

Sleeping peacefully before the service begins..

 Mom and Dad with Pastor John Inghram

The Godparents!

He barely made a peep! 

Baby "C's" mom has the most incredible voice. 

 I have no idea how she was able to keep herself together and sing "Find Your Wings".   

I'm sure there wasn't a dry eye in the sanctuary.

One of his grandmothers..

One of his grandfathers.

One of his great-grandmothers!

 Two more great-grandparents!

Two of his aunts and uncles!

At the reception after the service...

Two more grandparents!

This connection was melting my heart!

This is one of baby "C's" second cousins or something like that!  Their mothers are, each, one of three granddaughters to one of the great-grandmothers.  The three cousins were all pregnant at the same time and due within a few weeks of each, two on the same day.  One was born a few weeks early and these two came along a little bit later.