Project Life 365-days 107 and 108

I'm beginning to wonder if I'll be able to complete this project.  It should be fun, but one of the things about learning a new craft is that you realize that you can do better. Be better.  Nothing is good enough. 
I really need to get out of that mind set.
It's killing my creativity.
I work as a substitute in a school, but rarely havsome re a day off.  Today is one of those rare days, so I sit here in front of my computer looking through  the pictures from last week's trip to 
Washington DC. 
(I really should be cleaning, but, hey, I have priorities!)
As I was scanning Facebook, I saw an update from the main group of Project Life and decided to check out today's theme, in case I had a picture that qualitifies. It just so happens that I have one for yesterday too!  Who knows, maybe I'll be back later with more.  

Day 108/365-"Hello, oh hi there!"

Day 107/365-"symetry"

Did you know that butterflies are symetrical?