It's just another Macro Monday!

 Come take a walk with me through the websites of four photographers who are sharing their love of macro photography every other Monday throughout the year.  We shoot what we love, what makes us happy,  to hone our skills,  to stretch our minds and our imaginations, and because it's who we are!

Spring is finally springing in my neck of the woods.  The last two days have been relatively warm, at least compared to the last few weeks. 
This is one sign of spring that I don't usually look forward to .
It means work.
It means hours on my knees with my gloves on my hands yanking this stuff out of my garden.
Now that I have a macro lens, I may feel a little differently
in the right light, even a weed, in this case the beginning of some chickweed, can be

 To begin your journey through the circle of other photographers, start here with photographer 
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I know you won't be disappointed!