52 on Friday-Week Twenty seven

This week's theme is red, white, and blue or any combination of those colors.  Perfect timing for those of us in the States, since the Fourth of July was on Wednesday.  I am choosing a picture I took last weekend at Freedom Fest.  Freedom Fest has been sponsored by the Herr's Company and Chester County Parks since 1992. We attended the fireworks that first year and have been there every year since with the exception of one.

When my oldest son entered the military in 2005, celebrating this particular holiday became very important to us.  At Freedom Fest, they thank God for our freedoms.  They ask for a moment of silence in honor of our freedoms.  They honor the men and women who fought years ago for us to gain our freedoms and for those who continue to serve today to protect our freedoms.  And they celebrate this in style.  Almost an hour of explosions, noise, color, and music fill the senses.

Here is my favorite shot of the evening and my favorite memory of the night!  It's the raising of the American Flag while Lee Greenwood's song "Proud to be an American" plays over the speakers.  This is what it's all about!

To see more examples of "red, white, and blue" start with photographer Faye Kingston of Miramichi, NB

Here are a few more pictures of the celebration...