52 of Friday-Week Twenty six

 A blog circle of photographers from all over the world, both amateur and professional alike, sharing their interpretations of a common theme.  At the bottom of each post, click the link for the next photographer until you come full circle, back here to my blog.


Ken Rockwell describes bokeh this way-
"Bokeh describes the rendition of out-of-focus points of light.
Bokeh is different from sharpness. Sharpness is what happens at the point of best focus. Bokeh is what happens away from the point of best focus.
Bokeh describes the appearance, or "feel," of out-of-focus areas. Bokeh is not how far something is out-of-focus, bokeh is the character of whatever blur is there."

I thought I'd share a few more of pictures from my trip to Alaska for this week's theme.  I looked high and low for flowers in Alaska.  It was still quite cold which meant that the flowers were few and far between.  I did manage to find a few buds, but I promise I won't bore you with the dead flowers that I actually did take pictures of.  I was desperate, Okay? 

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