Project Create 9/26

Project: Create 

We're back this year with a new project designed to help us build more creativity into our photography.
Every other Monday we'll post our images, many of them taken with our Lensbaby lenses.
The effects of the Lensbaby can be somewhat subtle or quite dramatic.
At the bottom of my post, as well as in the post of the other photographer(s), is a link to next photographers images. Click those links to take a trip around our circle!

I'm not sure which of my friends is onboard this week.  This is a busy time of year for the professionals.  I exclude myself from that statement!  

I pulled out the Lensbaby again at Longwood.  
I really tried for some different, and my different I can talking oof and with broken rules of photography.
Just have to change things up once in a while.
Maybe you like.  Maybe not.
But for today, I do!

To look to see who else has posted start with Denean...