Project: Create 6/26

Project: Create 

We're back this year with a new project designed to help us build more creativity into our photography.
Every other Monday we'll post our images, many of them taken with our Lensbaby lenses.
The effects of the Lensbaby can be somewhat subtle or quite dramatic.
At the bottom of my post, as well as in the post of the other photographer(s), is a link to next photographers images. Click those links to take a trip around our circle!

was an interesting theme for this year's Philadelphia Flower.  
Horticulture inspired by art. 
Famous artists.
Local artists.
Live artists.
Deceased artists.
Contemporary artists.
Everywhere you looked you saw something inspired by art.

Here is my take on the Flower Show through my Lensbaby.  I challenged myself to shoot with only one lens for the whole day.  It worked, until driving out of the parking garage, then I lost my bet with myself!

These artists were dancing horizontally, suspended from cables, using sculptures, that were suspended vertically from the ceiling, as their floor.  If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I'm not sure I would have believed it!

Dreaming of warmer weather!

A sculpture of a famous Marilyn Monroe pose!

And the WWII Kissing Sailor scupture made quite an impression on everyone@

On the way out the parking garage, on the very top level, this is what we saw!

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