It's 2014, a new year, a new beginning, a new journey!

No New Year's resolutions for me.
Gave 'em up a long time ago.
Instead, I try to think of the New Year as a chance to do things better. 
Do them differently.
Do them less frequently.
Do them more often
Not necessarily for a whole year.
Sometimes for a few weeks.
Sometimes one day
Maybe a minute.

Each time I do something better for myself or someone else, I make the quality of my life or someone's life better. 
I love that. 
 I love that my photography makes others happy.
Truth be told, I don't do it for anyone but myself.
It makes me happy.
It challenges me.
It pushes me out of my comfort zone. 

After not being able to pick up my camera last year for more than a few months, I'm anxious to get out there and shoot again.
There's a part of me that's giddy with happiness.
That's ready to be challenged.
To be pushed. 
To make my hopes and dreams for my journey through photography to change and grow and take me places, I never imagined I'd go!

To start this year, I'm continuing my journey with the Stacy Heap Vitallo, Faye Kingston, and Denean Melcher.  Every other week, we'll post to our blogs.  
No longer will it be called Macro Monday. 
 This year's project is "Create."
We'll try to use our Lensbaby lenses and post something creative!

In March, I'm headed to DC for a National Geographic Seminar on Story Telling. 
(a gift from my boys for Christmas!)
I'm hoping to broaden my ideas and perspective behind the lens!

I hope to continue to meet up with my friends and share my images here.
Stay tuned!

And just because I can't post without a image, here's a couple that I took while practicing with my Lensbaby. 
I hope to get lots of practice time with this lens.
I need it.
Big time!