It's just another Macro Monday!

  Come take a walk with me through the websites of four photographers who are sharing their love of macro photography every other Monday throughout the year.  We shoot what we love, what makes us happy,  to hone our skills,  to stretch our minds and our imaginations, and because it's who we are!

This week's post is dedicated to my youngest son.  
On Sunday, May 5, 2013 
Kevin graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Finance. 
As I was sitting in the stands of Bryce Jordan Center, I took a few pictures of some of the little things, that are part of a graduation ceremony.
There are, also,some pictures of some things that were important to him over the last few weeks. 
There are some images of some Penn State memorabilia that I found at the house where was stayed.
I couldn't be any prouder of Kevin, but there's a part of me that still doesn't quite believe it.
Am I really this old?
Interesting enough, I heard people offer Kevin their condolences.  Literally.
Instead of saying "congratulations" these kids were saying "my condolences" to each other.
They didn't want to graduate either! 
There's more to the story but you'll have check back to find out. 
 I'll share the rest of the images as I get time to sort through and edit them,
and when it's not a macro Monday!
For today, here are just a few.  Some you will understand. Some you'll question, but don't ask.  Those are probably the ones that are special to Kevin.

and just because it's so incredibly difficult not to give you a flower, here's two taken at the arboretum on campus!

To see what the other three talented photographers found, 
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Four in all!