Philadelphia Flower Show-Part 1

For the past several years, I've anxiously looked forward to the Flower Show.  My enthusiasm peaked when Michael was in school at Williamson and the boys worked for a year to research, plan, design, grow, build, and show off their talents.
Ever since Michael graduated, it's been about photography.  I still love to see the displays, don't get me wrong, but photographing the flowers and details is what drives me now.  
This years theme is "Brilliant."
If it's about Britain, it's in!
While the state of our economy has slowed over the past years and the size of the displays, as well as the number of displays, has dwindled, the work that goes into planning and implementing the beautiful scenes is evident. 
                                                             Take a look for yourself!

Here are the other reasons I like to go to the Flower Show, my peeps, fellow photographers, my students and most importantly, my friends, hard at work!

Now just one of the three of us together.  It's a bit blurry, but we'll forgive the photographer!