Just another Macro Monday!

This time of year tests my patience.
We're getting a lot of rain, but I wish it were snow.
The only snow we've had has been nuisance snow, as far as I'm concerned.  An inch here, two inches there.  Not even enough for a 2 hour delay, much less a snow day!
That really makes me start to wish for spring, but part of me  still wishes for just one good snow.  
On one those days when I was wishing for warmer weather, I took a walk around the yard to see if I could find any signs of spring, and I was pleasantly surprised!

If I remember correctly, this was the bud of a Red Twig Dogwood bush...

  And some daffodils popping up through the mulch...

And the bud from my dogwood tree, I think!

Two days after I found these signs of spring, we got another nuisance snow.  It was pretty and short lived, already melting but the time I got dressed and outside with my camera!

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