Macro Monday

  A couple of years ago, I did a 365 day project as a means of working through and understanding all the basic principles of photography.  It took me 390-some odd days to complete, but I did it.  Then I decided to study more, but still needed the motivation to shoot so I embarked upon a 52 week project, actually two of them.  One of them on and the other as a blog circle project. 
For 2013, I'm truly excited to be part of another blog circle we're calling Marco Mondays.  Every other Monday we'll post at least one (or more for those overachievers amongst us!) macro shot.  
The other three photographers, Denean, Faye, and Stacey, were part of my blog circle from last year.
I love their work and am amazed at their talent.
They are, truly, inspiring!
To continue around our little circle, start here with Stacy.
For me, a few orchids from Longwood Gardens...because I didn't want to be the only one with only one!