Fifty-two on Friday-Week Fifty!

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"freshly baked"

The weeks leading up to Christmas always bring an increased desire to be in the kitchen.  Truth be told, it's not my favorite place to be!  For weeks, though, I've been scouring magazines and recipe books for new ideas, but to get started on my holiday baking I go back to a couple of old favorites. 
Way back in 2003 I started baking a batch of cookies for the boys to enjoy during "finals week" while they were in college.  I have done it every year since then.  This will be the last year I will be baking that batch of cookies, or at least sending it off to one of my boys in college. 
 I bake two different kinds of cookiesThe usual chocolate chip and then the cream cheese press cookie that was a recipe of my moms.   
I actually, double the double recipe and make an insane amount of cream cheese cookies.  Since I was baking by myself and at 5AM before I had to go to work, I just made the double batch. Two hours later, the cookies were baked, the cookie sheets and cooling racks piled high on the counter, the rest of the mixing utensils lay in the sink, and I was off to work, but not before enjoying a a couple of these cookies for breakfast!
 And, yes Kevin, yours are in the mail!  

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