Fifty-two on Friday-Week Fifty-two!

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As 2012 comes to a close, so does my Fifty-two on Friday project. After completing a 365-day project two years ago, I didn't think that one image a week would be hard, but at times I struggled.  I struggled to be more creative.  
I struggled to learn new techniques.  
I struggled to learn to ways of processing. 
 I struggled to learn how to use new lenses. 
All of that struggling, though, has made me a better photographer who is learning to think outside the box, to be more creative, to understand that there will always be something to learn, to be patient with myself as I continue to improve.
For this week's image, I'm choosing to share our Christmas tree.  With a solid foundation this tree would continue to grow and branch out in different directions...a little taller, a little fuller...with each day of nature's nutrients.
And now, filled with lights, it's the promise of new a beginning.
It's, kind of, a metaphor of my journey into seeing the light.  

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