52 on Friday-Week Forty-six

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There was a time in my life when pretty much everything was a routine, well as routine as they can be when you're raising kids.  I relied on that routine to get me through the day.  Routines make life easy, or easier, anyway. At least, I thought so once upon a time. 
Once my youngest son, Kevin, went to college, my routine sort of fell apart. There were no more school events to attend, no more sporting events to attend, no more music concerts to attend and about the same time my husband's work schedule changed, hence so did our routine of eating together every night.  I've had kids move out and back in and who are now getting ready to leave again.  There is no longer much that's routine in our daily lives, except that things change, constantly.
In these last couple of years I've come to enjoy the lack of routine.  Where I once loved working with the same teacher every day year after year, I now enjoy wondering which teacher's classroom I'll be in on any given day.  Where I once swore that I was a traditionalist as far as my photography ideals were concerned, I know have a more open mind.   Every once in while I look at one of my images and think that it's boring, it's routine.  
How many ways can I make a flower look interesting?
So this week I decided to take an image and break with my usual editing routine.  I'll post both the before and the after.  I'm not exactly sure how much I like the processed image, but it's fun, if only because it allows me to be creative and break with my normal routine!  


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