Fifty-two on Friday-Week Forty-one

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"far away"
I had the opportunity this past weekend to take my camera to someplace that I've only ever driven past on my way to my husband's family's vacation home.  I was, actually, scrapbooking for the weekend when I decided to take my camera and check out a Pagoda that sits way up on top of a hill outside the town of Reading, Pennsylvania.  The Pagoda was really neat, but the view from the Pagoda was spectacular.  I wish that I'd thought to ask my husband to stop at this location years ago.  I hope to get back in a couple of weeks when the leaves are changing color.  I imagine the view will be even more amazing.   The city just seems so far away, but in reality it was just a few minutes from where I stood.
(note: I actually had a really nice panoramic to share but the file was too large.  I will try to resize it later, after work, and post, so you might want to check back!) 

Here's a panoramic I took but wasn't able to post this morning.

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