Fifty-two on Friday-Week Forty three!

 A blog circle of photographers from all over the world, both amateur and professional alike, sharing their interpretations of a common theme.  At the bottom of each post, click the link for the next photographer until you come full circle, back here to my blog.


I try to start every day with a walk.  I get out of bed, put my sweats and sneakers on, grab the dog, his leash, my pepper spray (for both my protection and in case of another dog that mine may not like) and, of course, my cell phoneI really like to walk before work, which means leaving the house by 6:30.  The problem with walking at 6:30 during the fall, winter and early spring months, is that it's dark when I start out.  The one truly good thing about starting out in the dark is that I get to watch the sunrise.  We've had some gorgeous sunrises in the last few weeks.  I love  when the sky is full of color...pinks, oranges, blues and the whites of the clouds and just before you actually get to see the rays of the sun. It's what I like to call, the edge of darkness.  Both of these are taken with my cell phone and are unedited.  
Sometimes the best camera is the one you have with you!

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