52 on Friday-Week thirty nine

A blog circle of photographers from all over the world, both amateur and professional alike, sharing their interpretations of a common theme.  At the bottom of each post, click the link for the next photographer until you come full circle, back here to my blog.

"black and white"

I have to admit that black and white photography is not my first love.  
A few years ago when I really became interested in photography, I didn't really like it at all.  
I didn't see the point.
I see in color and felt like my work should represent what I see.
It was a noble thought.
It was also flawed
Not all photography is about recording what you see.
It's about creating a vision.
It's about art.
It can be an expression and/or an extension of one's character or one's imagination .
And sometimes it's about showing just how simple something can be
or about bringing out the detail that only grayscale can show. 

Here is one subject I love to see in black and white.

Here's a subject I find much less intimidating in black and white.

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