One's of Paul's girls...

These glorious creatures grace our backyard on a daily basis.  During the summer months they come to feed off of the apple trees.  They sometimes eat the ones they can reach that are still in the tree but more often than not they are eating the ones that have fallen to the ground.  This is totally okay with me because it means I don't have to make applesauce.  I know a lot of people love to make their own, but I'm not one of them!  And if they are eating the apples, they are not eating my flowers! I  happen to spend a lot of money and time on my gardens and just hate it when I've found plants that have been nibbled to nothing!
 During the winter my husband also supplies then with corn, as do several of our neighbors!  There's always a salt lick on the remnants of a tree stump which is what this young lady is working on.  She doesn't even mind when I go out on the deck and put the the umbrellas and cushions away.  She'll stop to check me out and then continue on.  
I asked for some ideas on names for this lady and one of my good friends from work suggested McIntosh.  
I kinda liked that, so that's what I'll call her. 
We also have another doe whose been seen with two fawns.  I haven't been lucky enough to get them in the frame of my camera, but if I do, I'll be back with a post!