Alaska Part 3-Denali and beyond...

 Our arrival in Talkeetna begin here at K2 aviation.  We could only take ourselves and the camera or a pair of binoculars.  They weighed us in order to make sure the plane was balanced. 
With all the clouds we weren't sure that we'd get to fly or that it would be very pretty.
Boy, were we wrong!

This was the view from the plane!

After our flight we had time to walk through the little town of Talkeetna.   It was like walking onto the set of Northern Exposure.  Everybody knew everybody.  The local bar/restaurant was well occupied, the people friendly, and the food was really good! 

I was forced into this photo op! 

 This made me laugh, out loud!  You gotta love small towns!

From the lodge we could see Mt. McKinley as long as the clouds cooperated.

As we headed towards Whittier to board the ship, these are some the sites I captured.

These are eagles!  Beautiful, graceful creatures!

More to come!