52 on Friday-Week Sixteen

A blog circle of photographers from all over the world, both amateur and professional alike, sharing their interpretations of a common theme.  At the bottom of each post, click the link for the next photographer until you come full circle, back here to my blog.


For over a week now, I've been trying to come with a unique idea to post here. Every day I would look at the possibilities.  A few times I walked around the yard.  Twice I drive to local parks to try to execute my ideas.  Twice I can home without anything that wowed me.  I was going to post one that I took for last's week's theme and kind of liked. Then, while looking through my hard drive to grab the digital file, and I saw this shot.  It's one I've been working on converting all week.  After several tries and lots of constructive criticism, from some good photography friends, I came up with this simple, clean conversion.  I have a new perspective on black and white photography.  Not only that but from this perspective, my niece has some amazing eye lashes!

To see what perspective photographer

Christa Paustenbaugh of Manassas, VA shot from this week,  

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