52 on Friday-Week Ten

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"your season"
 I was so excited when with this week's theme.  I love shooting outdoors.  I love the warmer weather we've been experiencing.  I do miss that we really didn't have winter here in the northeast.  Practically no measurable snow and above average temperatures gave the flower bulbs the impression that spring had arrived, even though the calendar still says it's winter.  I waited all week for the buds of my daffodils to open.  With temperatures nearing 70 today, I knew that I'd have open buds, but the wind was whipping and the flowers never stopped swaying in that wind. Thankfully this is also the season for the International Flower Show in Philadelphia.  I managed a shot of some of the daffodils there

To check out what the season is like in Carey, North Carolina, check out photographer Robin Moore's site here