52 on Friday-Week Eight

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This week's shot was a  bit of a happy accident.  It was my "safe" shot, one that's not terribly creative, but one that I've wanted to try, nonetheless.  I moved the clock from it's wall in the dining room because of glare from the sun through the dining room window.  I put in on a wall in my living room. The first time I tried to find focus I realized that I was getting the reflections of old photos on the opposite wall.  These photo are reproductions of old photos that I manage to get from my in-laws as well as from my parents.  There are relatives that can't be named in some of these shots because the names were not recorded and there's no longer anyone alive who knows.  I paid a small fortune many years ago to have these portraits digitally corrected and printed.  That was long before Photoshop was available to the general public so inexpensively, but I wanted my child to know their roots, so I happily had them done.  The angle is not perfect, but the memories are.  Reflections of time might be a better label for my photo today....

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