How much is shipping and where can I ship to?  Shipping is only available in the continental United States and is included in pricing.

Where is information about newborn and child photography? While I love shooting newborns, children and families, I am currently not taking clients.  It is my hope that in the future I will be able to expand, as my time allows, to do portrait sessions.   

Why are the images watermarked? The images are watermarked to discourage someone from copying the image for their own purposes.  The watermark will be removed before print.

Where are the images printed?  Each image is printed at a high quality lab and sent directly to you. I use different labs for different mediums to get the best product at the best price.

 What mediums are available?   Images include Fuji Professional or Deep Matte paper, canvas and metal.  Sizes and mediums are listed with each image.                                                 

Why are some images rolled? If the print is listed as rolled, the  item is too long to be shipped flat and it also why mounting is not  available.

 What are the benefits of mounting an image?   If the print option is listed as Fuji Mounted. the print will be mounted on my choice of white or black 0.08" thick styrene.  This keeps the print flat and protects it from warping. Slight scratch marks may appear on the reverse side of the board and are not considered a defect.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

How are metals prints made and how do I clean them?  Metal prints are created by infusing dye onto specially coated aluminum sheets. The image is scratch resistant and weather/waterproof.  The coating may contain small crater or bumps.  Every effort is made to place these tiny imperfections in inconspicuous areas.  This is NOT considered a flaw in the printing.  Metal prints will fade with exposure to sunlight.  it is suggested that they be cleaned with a soft, lint free cloth to buff out fingerprints.  If necessary, metal prints may be cleaned with a non-ammonia glass cleaner, water, or isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol without harming the print surface.

Are the images available for download? No, not at this time.  I print from a high quality lab and have found the colors are not true in all labs.  I would prefer that the images remain the same colors as I intended them to be.